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The City of Springs in the New Era: Taiwan Delights by the Spring



The 15th episode of Stories in the City of Springs in the New Era, Taiwan Delights by the Spring, tells the story of Cai Zong’en, who hails from Taiwan and has made a home for himself in Jinan, embarking on both entrepreneurial and personal adventures.

  The owner, Cai Zong’en, originally from Taiwan, has settled down in Jinan and built a happy family life. With his passion for food and the city, he embarked on his entrepreneurial journey.

  As you step into the shop, a delightful aroma envelops you, and every corner exudes sophistication and warmth. Cai explains that their egg tarts are traditional Taiwan-style ones. While most egg tart shops in Jinan sell Portuguese-style tarts, theirs are crafted with the unique flavors and techniques of Taiwan.

  When asked why he chose to sell egg tarts in Jinan, Cai says, “Egg tarts are a beloved snack in Taiwan, and we hope to share the flavors of Taiwan with our friends here in Jinan.” This egg tart shop is not just a place for good food but also a platform for cultural exchange. Cai and his father often engage in conversations with customers about culinary cultures and experiences, believing that food is a vital bridge connecting people’s emotions across the strait.

  With the shop’s reputation continuously growing, more and more Jinan locals and visitors from all over come in search of their renowned egg tarts. Many express that beyond the delicious taste, what truly resonates is the warmth and hospitality from Taiwan.

Cai and his wife affirm that they will continue to explore and innovate, bringing more delicacies from Taiwan to Jinan. At the same time, they hope to see more young individuals from Taiwan coming to Jinan and experiencing the warmth and beauty of the City of Springs firsthand.

(Hua Shan; Li Xiaotong; Lou Xinyu; Liu Xiaohan; Gong Lili; Yuan Yuhua; Hou Yawen; Liang Ruixin; Li Jiayin; Liu Lu; Dou Zhuoran)

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